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Directional Drilling
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    Telecom Services   

Since its inception Shanivi has been actively involved in laying of communication networks in India. We have worked with various reputed Telecommunication Service providers and have layed over 500 KMs of telecommunication network in India.

We have served to name a few:

We undertake the following:

  • Laying of Telecommunication ducts both by Open and trenchless methods
  • Fiber Blowing upto 96 F
  • Splicing and Jointing
  • Direct Buried Cable works by DBC machines.
  • In-Building Wiring
  • Construction of Manholes.

We have to our credit various prestigious works like:

  • 12 ducts in a bundle pulling for a length of 370 meters in a single shot successfully accomplished for Reliance telecom Ltd.
  • Laying of GI pipeline below Main Delhi – Mumbai Railway track by HDD for the first time for reliance Telecomm ltd. at Ballabgarh.
  • Laying of GI pipeline below Main Delhi – Jaipur Railway track by HDD for Reliance Telecommunication ltd.